Overland Expo West 2018 (Fort Tuthill County Park, Flagstaff, Arizona)

Journal entry for Saturday 19th May, 2018 (day 1043, miles 82,852)

We missed Overland Expo West last year and so this year we were excited to see it at the (to us) new venue of Fort Tuthill County Park. And we were not disappointed. The crowd seemed huge and there was a vast increase in the number of exhibitors. Particularly noteable for us was the number of new providers of large overland vehicles. In fact there were so many and the vehicles are so large that our yellow Unimog seemed decidedly small.

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Our Earthroamer is For Sale

Posted Monday 23rd Apr, 2018

We have decided to sell our 2008 Earthroamer. With our Yellow GXV also back in the US we now have two expedition vehicles at our disposal, when clearly at most one is necessary or desireable.

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2017 NW Mogfest, an eclipse and a gathering of nerds

Posted Saturday 19th Aug, 2017

Over the weekend of Aug 18-21 (2017) we dusted off the Yellow Mog and ventured off to Sheridan Oregon to attend North West MogFest. NWMF is a well established institution and gathering of owners of Unimogs, VW Westfalias and other exotic vehicles of European origin. We learned about NWMF last summer when we rescued a bogged VW Westfalia from the muddy shores of BC lake bed and had committed ourselves to attending this years event way back then and only later discovered that this year there would be an added attraction in that the venue would be perfectly positioned under the path of the eclipse and as a result the event had been officially extended to include the morning of Monday 21st.

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Finished - 5 years around the world (Gig Harbor, WA)

Journal entry for Sunday 18th Jun, 2017 (day 95, miles 78736)

After breakfast coffee and a heartfelt goodbye to out friends Ken and Ivy we hit the road towards our house Washington thinking that we would spread the 500+ miles remaining over two days. But as often happens at the end of a journey the heading for home syndrome hit us and we drove throughout the day arriving at our house just before midnight. A total of 18 hours and 500+ miles representing an exceptionally long day in our truck. The early part of our route from Eureka to Libby, Bonners Ferry to Sand Point was really pretty and we noted it for future explorations. But in truth today was a "get home" day. It was also a day of mixed emotions as it brings to an end almost 5 years of traveling around the world in our big yellow beast. And we are not sure at this point when or where our next travels will be. We were last at our house in WA with the yellow truck in January 2013 just before we shipped to Vladivostok, Russia.

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Friends near Eureka (Eureka, MN)

Journal entry for Saturday 17th Jun, 2017 (day 94, miles 78556)

We passed through a lot of interesting scenic country today as we made our way to Rexford MT (near Eureka) to visit our friends. It is pretty clear that had we not been so close to the end of this journey we would have spent more time traversing this interesting route.

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