Home today, mushrooms in our garden (Government Camp, OR)

Journal entry for Monday 31st Oct, 2016 (day 98, miles 12255)

Just to remind anyone who is still reading this site. We are going to be off the air for a while as we have a couple of non adventure trips planned and will not be reporting those on the blog. So don't look for any updates until the new year.

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Travelin (Hwy 395, OR)

Journal entry for Sunday 30th Oct, 2016 (day 97, miles 11987)

Really nothing to say or see

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A beautiful cold morning (Beckworth Pass, CA)

Journal entry for Saturday 29th Oct, 2016 (day 96, miles 11763)

Nothing to say - just motoring (Independence, CA)

Journal entry for Friday 28th Oct, 2016 (day 95, miles 11499)

Salton Sea (Yucca Valley, CA)

Journal entry for Thursday 27th Oct, 2016 (day 94, miles 11243)

This afternoon we made a stop at the Salton Sea in Southern California. Our plan was this would be our only sight-seeing stop on this leg of the trip. After all we are on our way home and driving two vehicles so it is really two solo trips. The nature of this leg also means that there will be little or no blog updates. I will include an entry for each day, with Nina' photos (when there are some) to make sure the map tracks our route. But since we are driving-to-get-there I expect nothing of note to say. Hence, for a while this blog will be dormant.

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