Boring (Dugan Lake CG, BC)

Journal entry for Monday 22nd Aug, 2016 (day 28, miles 3287)

Not a very interesting day. After a fast drive from last nights camping spot (the first of the two photos below) to Williams Lake we spent over half the day in the car park of either Walmart or Canadian Tire catching up on "business". to read the full post

The Mighty Fraser (Bull Canyon CG, BC)

Journal entry for Sunday 21st Aug, 2016 (day 27, miles 3198)

There was some cloud in the sky this morning and threat of rain (which eventually arrived) as we got onto the road for a pleasant drive through a series of valleys and eventually along an escarpment beside the Fraser River with really spectacular views. Finally the road dropped off the escarpment and down to a steel bridge across the river where to our surprise we met up with the motorcyclists from last nights camp. There after followed a discussion about our proposed route. They thought they had found the correct road but it was rough and boulder covered, so not to their liking. to read the full post

Roast Lamb (Little Big Bar CG, BC)

Journal entry for Saturday 20th Aug, 2016 (day 26, miles 3059)

We hung around the campground this morning enjoying the nice sun and the camps wifi. In Clinton while filling up with fuel we got talking to a local guy who had ridden a motorcycle to Ushuaia, Argentina, you never can tell about people. to read the full post

Washing day (Clinton, BC)

Journal entry for Friday 19th Aug, 2016 (day 25, miles 3031)

Another warm summers day and a stop in Lillooet to do some laundry before heading up highway 99 and then 97 to the town of Clinton to a real campground with showers and electricity. I felt the need to give the camper batteries some real electricity as we have been having trouble getting them fully recharged. The electrical system in the ER seems inadequate but I have not entirely worked out what the problem is. At some point I will do an entry devoted to electrical issues. to read the full post

Highline Road (Gun Creek CG, BC)

Journal entry for Thursday 18th Aug, 2016 (day 24, miles 2913)

Today we traveled back to the Goldbridge area via a spectacular series of roads. The first of these was called the Highline Road, and it was well named. It followed the western shore of Anderson Lake but was cut high on the valley wall rather than on the lake front. Spectacular, with a number of really steep rough climbs. At the Northern end of Anderson Lake was a short section of flat road through Seton Portage to Seton Lake and the village of Shalalth, and then a 3000 ft climb and descent over Mission Mountain Road to Carpenter lake, Goldbridge and a return visit to Gun Creek CG. to read the full post