A tour of Evora (Evora, Portugal)

Journal entry for Tuesday 25th Apr, 2017 (day 42, miles 72333)

We ventured into the town center of Evora today for a look around. Unfortunately the bus service that usually takes campground residents into the center was not running as today is a Portuguese national holiday. April the 25th is the official celebration day for the Carnation Revolution of 1974 which eventually resulted in democratic government in Portugal and ended the colonial wars whereby Portugal was trying to hold onto its African colonies.

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Gum trees (eucalyptus) (Evora, Portugal)

Journal entry for Monday 24th Apr, 2017 (day 41, miles 72333)

Our destination today was the town of Evora (another world heritage listed town). It is inland about half was across the country (east to West) and somewhat north of where we were last night. For a bit of a change we chose a route that consisted entirely of minor highways and NO toll roads. The first 60 kms of the route was through or along the edge of a forest, and through out the day the country side varied between open farm lands and forests.

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Portugal and road tolls (Cap St Vincent, Portugal)

Journal entry for Sunday 23rd Apr, 2017 (day 40, miles 72179)

We had to drive 140km this morning before getting to the start of the Portuguese toll road, and all that we had read about it being confusing was to some degree correct. Just after the border there is a place for foreign vehicles to pull off the highway and go through a set of "gates" which accept credit cards. When we got there another motorhome was already parked there with the occupants trying to figure out what was required. While we went through the same process a number of other vehicles arrived and their passengers were also more than a little confused. However it turned out to be pretty simple. At one of the gates, the electronics read the vehicle license plate, once recognized the credit card slot flashes blue and at this point one inserts a credit card. The toll system has now linked the credit card to the vehicle license plate. Thereafter on electronic only toll roads the toll charges are applied automatically to your card. You get a printed receipt from the card machine to verify you have registered which you may have to show at some point. This registration lasts 30 days. So why was it confusing? Because there are at least 3 other options that a foreigner could use to pay tolls, there are two different sets of toll roads and some of the automatic payment mechanisms work on both sets of toll roads. And finally the official websites are hard to find, and even harder to find English versions of them.

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Sevilla's cathedral (Sevilla, Spain)

Journal entry for Saturday 22nd Apr, 2017 (day 39, miles 71985)

We spent a bit more time today exploring the older part of Sevilla and in particular admiring the Cathedral which is advertised as the "largest in Spain". It really is a monster building. One of the more novel features is an internal courtyard that is also an orange grove. The town center was very busy with people everywhere and a good number dressed in their best formal wear for some kind of celebration.

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Escape from the wind (Sevilla, Spain)

Journal entry for Friday 21st Apr, 2017 (day 38, miles 71985)

The wind was STILL strong this morning and from online weather forecasts did not seem it would lessen until at least Sunday (today being Friday), so another change of plans was required. Rather than stay at Valdevaqueros or follow the coast we decided to make for Sevilla for the night.

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