Posts for February, 2013

Electrical, Part 5

Posted Friday 1st Feb, 2013

I initially installed a single Battery-Battery Charger (B2B) in the camper in November 2012 but that original B2B failed within a week and was returned. I installed the replacement in mid December 2012 and used it for travel through the US South West and the Baja during December 2012 and January 2013. To date the replacement has continued to function without problems. to read the full post

Electrical, Part 6

Posted Saturday 2nd Feb, 2013

So given all that I (think I) have learned; how do I currently manage the camper battery pack. to read the full post

Electrical, Part 7

Posted Sunday 3rd Feb, 2013

After almost a years experience with the camper electrical systems I would have to say I am not very impressed with the system design. to read the full post

Electrical, Part 8

Posted Monday 4th Feb, 2013

I have agonized for sometime over what to do so that our GXV camper can make effective use of 230V/50Hz shore power. Specifically this question focused on replacing or supplementing the inadequate Mastervolt 12/35 charger that came as original equipment in the camper. to read the full post

Aneurysm, water fall and .... plumbing!

Posted Tuesday 5th Feb, 2013

According to wikipedia an aneurysm is a balloon like bulge in the wall of a blood vessel. Well today I learned that motorhomes (or more precisely Global Expedition Vehicles) can also suffer from aneurysms; and the bursting of one particular aneurysm turned our motorhome into a good imitation of a water fall. Specifically 50 gallons of water washed through the camper and flowed down the entrance steps in a beautiful, though frightening, cascade. to read the full post

Fuel Tank Take 3

Posted Wednesday 20th Feb, 2013

The astute reader will recall that in August 2012 during our visit to the GXV factory we had a 3rd fuel tank installed. Following the installation it quickly became apparent that filling the tank with fuel was a problem. Specifically the filler neck and hose were too small (in diameter) and had an insufficient slope. This problem manifested itself by fuel backing up in the filler neck and pouring over the ground. to read the full post

How to get Garmin compatible maps from the OpenStreetMap project

Posted Friday 22nd Feb, 2013

About 6 months ago I started researching the question of "how to get Garmin compatible maps to use in Russia and Central Asia ?". to read the full post