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Zambia/Zimbabwe (Elephant Camp, Zimbabwe)

Journal entry for Wednesday 17th Sep, 2014 (day 429, miles 6,764)

We got a prized extra hour with the giraffes this morning as our flight (to the next stage of this adventure) was delayed. We had quite a long and smoggy drive to Nairobi airport as traffic was thick and barely crawled along. We understand from our couple of short visits to this city, and from locals, that this is the usual situation. Too many people, too many vehicles and infrastructure that lags the city. A very common story. Anyway after a pleasant 3 hour flight we dropped down onto the airfield at Livingstone, Zambia to be met by a blast of hot air and 34°C. What a change from the mild temperatures of Kenya and Tanzania. Immigration was quick and efficient and we were soon in a small bus on our way to the Zambian/Zimbabwe border and our next stop Elephant Camp, near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. to read the full post

The falls, swings, elephants, and lions. (Elephant Camp, Zimbabwe)

Journal entry for Thursday 18th Sep, 2014 (day 430, miles 6,764)

Our day started with a blood red sunrise and an introduction to the camps Cheetah named Sylvester over breakfast (I will say more about Sylvester in tomorrows entry). Then it was off on our days activities. Not surprisingly the first event of the day was a visit to the famous Victoria Falls, US$30 entry for foreigners. The falls themselves were hard to photograph as the falling water creates a large mist cloud that partially obscures the entire area. That same mist creates an entirely different micro climate within 20 meters of the falls. Close to the falls the vegetation is almost tropical yet outside that zone the place is very dry, talcum power dust, yellow dry grass and bare soil. to read the full post