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Another fortress and more cobbled streets (Belgrad, Serbia)

Journal entry for Wednesday 12th Nov, 2014 (day 485, miles 9,606)

This morning followed what is now a familiar pattern. From the camp ground walk to the bus/train/tram stop, figure out how to buy (or maybe not buy) a ticket and then join a crowd of locals going into the "city" ( what ever city it might be today), and then spend part of the day (and all of our energy) seeing the sights. However today was a bit different, missing was some of the enthusiasm that we (or at least Nina) has for the experience. Today we both felt jaded despite Belgrad's obvious attractions our interest was low. We concluded that we are experiencing the "headed for home" or maybe more accurately "too close to the end" syndrome and for both of us our thoughts are more focused on getting back to Germany, dropping off the truck and flying on to India and Australia. So in many ways today signaled the end of our Balkans experience. to read the full post