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An introduction to Poland (Piotrowice, Poland)

Journal entry for Friday 27th Jun, 2014 (day 347, miles 360)

We said an early thanks and goodbye to our hosts and then negotiated our way back onto the A4 via a Lidl supermarket and a BP gas station. There after most of the day was pretty uneventful, just purring along a European motorway. to read the full post

Camping in Warsaw, or not (Warsaw, Poland)

Journal entry for Saturday 28th Jun, 2014 (day 348, miles 424)

Our overnight spot might have been relatively empty yesterday afternoon, but this morning it was a hive of activity. Trucks pulling in and out and families stopping to snack. We got an early start hoping to make it all the way to Warsaw. to read the full post

Warsaw, an early morning visit (Białystok, Poland)

Journal entry for Sunday 29th Jun, 2014 (day 349, miles 1,068)

After yesterdays unsuccessful effort to find a campground in Warsaw, this morning we were determiend to give the city another go. At least to the extent of finding some place to park so that we could spend a little time exploring the old city. to read the full post