Posts From Nova Scotia

Cape Breton (Margaree, Nova Scotia)

Journal entry for Friday 17th Aug, 2012 (day 44, miles 7,085)

The ferry arrived much earlier than we had expected and released us onto Novo Scotia at 4:00 am into the dark of a heavy rain storm seasoned with fog. We fumbled our way onto Highway 105 (which is the Trans-Canada-Highway in this part of the world) and followed it for 20 miles until a lookout gave us a place to stop and catch some of the sleep we did not get on the ferry. to read the full post

Visitors, Shubie Park, Halifax (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)

Journal entry for Monday 20th Aug, 2012 (day 47, miles 7,323)

Saturday morning from Margaree we got a late start as we had a stream of visitors; the consequence of camping at a lookout. One visitor, a gentleman from NY with his white dog, is retired and lives in NS for part of the summer. The dog was very friendly, liked having his ears scratched, and afforded us a dose of borrowed pet. to read the full post

Port of Halifax (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Journal entry for Friday 2nd Jun, 2017 (day 80, miles 74,370)

Our flight from Glasgow to Halifax on May 31st turned out to be a long drawn out affair. Initially scheduled as an early-ish flight at 9:30 am we did not actually get into the air until 3:30pm, so by the time we finally got to Halifax we were more than a little zombie like and hence we did not focus on anything except finding some food at a restaurant close to our AirBnB and sleep. to read the full post