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Exhaust repair (Cherry Hill Park, Maryland)

Journal entry for Tuesday 4th Sep, 2012 (day 62, miles 9,163)

A truck repair and travel day. We got going early and arrived at the Lancaster Freightliner dealer at 7:30. Our trucks exhaust system has sprung a small leak where the pipe exits from the muffler. Rather than just repair this leak we decided to have the exhaust system modified so that it empties under the truck chassis rather than onto the side of the camper. Hopefully this will avoid those big black marks you may have seen on the passenger's side of the camper. This task took some time so we spent the morning in the drivers lounge chatting with truckies and just twiddling our thumbs. We were done by 13:00 and thereafter joined the rushing freeway traffic bypassing Baltimore on our way to Cherry Hill Park Campground in Maryland, our base for a visit to Washington DC. to read the full post

A day in DC (Cherry Hill Park, Maryland)

Journal entry for Wednesday 5th Sep, 2012 (day 63, miles 9,163)

Today could have been called "hopping on and off a bus day " - because that's what we did for the day. An early start (6:55am) from Cherry Hill on a shuttle bus got us to Union Station before 8:00, thereafter the day was spent on (or waiting for) one of those open-topped double decker tour buses, or in a museum or later in the day standing in front of the Whitehouse. Since this is not our first visit to DC we missed some of the big name draws like the Air and Space Museum. We spent a good deal of time at the Ford Theater Museum (which had a very good display on Lincoln's presidency) and across the road at Peterson's House (where Lincoln died) redecorated in period furnishings. The American History Museum was a bit of a disappointment. Good displays on the transportation and the presidents and their first ladies but also some rambling displays that were hard to see the point of. to read the full post

Back in the USA (Baltimore, Maryland)

Journal entry for Saturday 15th Feb, 2014 (day 318, miles 20,704)

Today we flew back into the US, from Paris to Baltimore Washington Int airport. What can I say about that, plane travel is boring and tedious. Winter time in the US plane travel is also plagued by long delays, and we had our share of that today. We finally got to an airport hotel in Baltimore about 10:00pm tonight (4:00am Paris time). This is likely to be the last entry for a while. We hope to collect the truck in Halifax at the end of this week and then it will be business and chores for a good period before we head back to Europe. The kind of mundane stuff that does not warrant a website entry. There may be one more as our (or really the trucks) arrival in Halifax will signal the completion of an around the world journey. We and the truck were in Halifax on August, 20 2012. to read the full post

Traveling again (Baltimore, Maryland)

Journal entry for Friday 30th May, 2014 (day 319, miles 0)

Hello all, we are about to begin traveling again and it is not entirely coincidence that we are back in Baltimore. We are here to have our truck loaded onto a boat for Europe. We delivered it to the port on Tuesday (May 27th) and expect that it will depart Baltimore about June 5th for Antwerp. We plan on collecting it on June 23rd. We'll see how that plan goes. to read the full post