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Fundy coast, covered bridges (Calais, Maine)

Journal entry for Saturday 25th Aug, 2012 (day 52, miles 8,037)

Another glorious late summer day, blue sky warm air and bright light. A perfect day to continue our travels along the Fundy coast and to pay short visits to the three towns of St Martins, Saint John, St Stephen. We arrived in St Martins at close to low tide and spent a little while walking around the foreshore, taking a few photos, lounging on the gravel beach and seeing if we could see the water beginning to rise. St Martins sports two covered wooden bridges built in the 1930s. The signs on the bridges indicated a height limit of 4.0m - exactly what I think our height is. So we contented ourselves with walking across. to read the full post

Bar Harbor and the Pumpkin Patch (Hermon, Maine)

Journal entry for Sunday 26th Aug, 2012 (day 53, miles 8,231)

Today we followed the Maine coast south to the Arcadia National Park at the town of Bar Harbor. This coast line is still the western edge of the Bay of Fundy and continues the beautiful coastal scenery of the past few days. Strong tides are still evident in the muddy inlets and creeks but the tide heights are lower as we are nearer the mouth of the Fundy. We spent a couple of hours walking around Bar Harbor. A beautiful town with many quaint buildings, lot of shops and many tourists. Interesting this is one of the few tourist towns we have visited where specific parking directions have been given for RVs. We followed a series of signs right through the town to a sports field where parking was easy, and out of the way of other vehicles and the shops. to read the full post

Bad hair day (at least at the start) (Rumford, Maine)

Journal entry for Monday 27th Aug, 2012 (day 54, miles 8,356)

Today did not start well. The spout on the kitchen faucet came off in Nina's hand. While cooking a quiche the microwave oven (overheated I think) and the door latch stuck in the open position, so now it sports a duct-tape bandage to keep the door closed. We got repeatedly lost in Bangor looking for a Staples store, and that was with the aid of 3 GPS devices. By 12:30 I was ready to declare the day over and go back to bed. However it turned out that all was not lost and after lunch we headed towards Gorman, NH to start a route approximately south through the White Mountains. After an easy drive through rural Maine we arrived at a WalMart in the town of Rumford where we camped for the night in the company of 3 other RVs and 6-8 18 wheelers. to read the full post