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A Title (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Journal entry for Friday 20th Jun, 2014 (day 350, miles 1,273)

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Finally, some luck with camping grounds (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Journal entry for Monday 30th Jun, 2014 (day 350, miles 1,273)

More trucks, forest and farm land today; and it rained most of the day. Crossing into Lithuania we noticed that the villages seem a little more run down, the cars and trucks seem a little more beaten up and we see more incidents of people parked on the side of the road fixing their vehicles. All together more "ex-soviet" in nature. Also the driving styles have become more "eastern". All roads now have three lanes, mine, the one coming towards me, and the one that someone is trying to make between those two. Something that is totally unheard of in Germany. Maybe the driving style explains the many small shrines we noticed on the road side. to read the full post

City tour in the rain (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Journal entry for Tuesday 1st Jul, 2014 (day 351, miles 1,273)

Today was about visiting the old city of Vilnius in the rain. What can I say, not a good day for tourist businesses. Very few people were out braving the weather. Much of Vilnius's old city is also reconstucted and the fort on the hill is a complete reconstruction. This time the culprits were the Russians not the Germans. to read the full post