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What a spectacular city! (Bugapest, Hungary)

Journal entry for Sunday 21st May, 2017 (day 67, miles 74,366)

While one would not describe Budapest (or at least the little we have seen of it), as neat, clean, well maintained and modern, it is never the less - IMHO - a spectacular city. The Citadel and Castle on the Buda side look down across the Danube River to the flatter but more intensively built Pest. All around us there are spectacular old buildings that speak to an incredibly wealthy past. And we have a small newly renovated apartment in an old and quaint 19th century apartment block right in the middle of the action in Pest almost directly on top of Astoria subway station. Also right next to a very famous (though until now unknown to us) Synagogue. Thats what the domes are in the photo of our apartment block. The weather cooperated and we had our first taste of real summer while in Budapest with the combination of sun and open top buses allowing us to do a bit of work on our tan. to read the full post