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A visit to Skopje (Near border, Bulgaria)

Journal entry for Monday 3rd Nov, 2014 (day 476, miles 8,647)

Around 8:30 we got the hotel reception to order us a taxi to take us into downtown Skopje for a quick look around. The taxi deposited us right near a big open square in the center of Skopje. We soon discovered that it was called Alexander the Great Square and had a whole series of extravagant statues of Alexander and other historical figures. Indeed as the morning progressed we noted that Skopje had a real taste for super sized statues of various figures. to read the full post

Castle, cobbles and English rock climber (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria)

Journal entry for Wednesday 5th Nov, 2014 (day 478, miles 8,759)

Yesterday morning we left our disused gas station camping spot in a blanketing mist and spent much of the morning driving through a grey haze. It was quite late into the day before the sun finally made its appearance. to read the full post

The Black Sea (North of Varna, Bulgaria)

Journal entry for Thursday 6th Nov, 2014 (day 479, miles 8,917)

One of my goals for our Balkans Adventure was to get to the Black Sea and today was the day we headed for a town called Varna a largish coastal town and apparently a Bulgarian sea side resort. Because we are running out of time on this trip the exercise was symbolic rather than substantive as we only planned to stay there long enough to touch the sea and then move on, but, it seems to me a lot of travel is symbolic. to read the full post