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Into Bosnia Hercegovina (Sarajevo, Bosnia)

Journal entry for Tuesday 21st Oct, 2014 (day 463, miles 7,864)

Todays route to Sarajevo was approximately 300km in length and for the first 100km we continued south on the excellent Croatian motorway through a picturesque landscape of wide valleys and distant mountains. To our surprise (and the surprise of our GPS) the motorway continued all the way to and across the border into BIH (Bosnia Hercegovina). to read the full post

Snow ! (Sarajevo, Bosnia)

Journal entry for Wednesday 22nd Oct, 2014 (day 464, miles 7,864)

This morning we woke to find it raining and sometimes very heavily. This was disappointing but not surprising as we had looked at the weather forecast before deciding on this side trip to Sarajevo. So in anticipation of the days exploration of the old city of Sarajevo in the rain we dressed in our best Washington rain gear, light clothing under Gortex jacket and pants. to read the full post