Today we were looking for a camping ground on the outside of Munich. We wanted a place to park for two nights so that we could visit some Gig Harbor friends who are spending a year living in and experiencing the German lifestyle in Munich.

The place we found (Campingplatz Langwieder See) is north west of Munich in an area called Langwieder See. We had no trouble finding the place as it was on our OSM map. The guide book thankfully warned us that 95% of the occupants are permanent and so despite the German surroundings it was a bit like driving into a US trailer park. The US flavor was added to by the faux western theme of some of the buildings and common areas.

Interestingly electricty is charged for, not by the day, but by the metered use. The showers are coin operated and are not timed but dispense a predetermined amount of water for each coin.

After settling in we called our friends and arranged to meet then in downtown Munich. Our only challenge after that was to get to downtown Munich. This required a 2.5 km walk to the nearby town of Lochhausen, an S-bahn into the city, and then a U-bahn to a station near our friends.

The rest of the night was taken up with wine, beer, schnitzel, and a lot of conversation