Once awake this morning we moved our vehicle back into the ferry waiting area and the catching up with Gary and Monika continued. In addition now in the light of day we could take a few photos of the twoadventure vehicles parked side by side. However eventualy it was time for the Wescotts to checkin for their ferry and for us to get on our way.

We were delayed somewhat by the need to find a local bank and get some money but that was only a minor hassle and soon we were heading north out of Ancona on the A14 motorway. As we soon discovered the A14 is a toll-way, carries hordes of heavy trucks, and has regular service areas (about every 30km) and some of those service areas had restaurants serving some very enticing meals. Unfortunately we also discovered that there is a tremendous variation in the quality of the service areas, so by the time we were ready to try that wonderful food, we had moved into a region with far less atrractive restaurants.

We continued on the A14 all day and as the light started to fade (about 4:30pm) we pulled into a service area near the town of Faenza and picked a spot among the trucks for the night.