This morning we continued east towards the town of Nafplio. Now anyone following our antics on Peloponnese will have noticed that this route takes us back almost to the start of our Peloponnese journey so the natural question is why?

Well some months ago, while in Iran, I was contacted by a fellow named Arno who among other things is in the business of buying and selling expedition vehicles. It turns out that he and his wife are staying in a village near Nafplio and we had decided to go visit and meet him/them.

After a number of adventures involving very narrow streets, closed main roads and the usual things associated with a big truck and old small villages we arrived within a mile of the GPS coordinates Arno had given me. So we parked the truck somewhat out of the way of traffic and I went walking to see if I could locate him. To my surprise Arno appeared riding a scooter looking for me; apparently some of the locals had told him about "us" - foreigners in a big truck - so he came looking. Arno found us a more suitable parking spot and we spent an hour or so getting to know each other and exchanging travel stories and information.

After our visit we started yet-another traverse of the Peloponnese with the intent of being at the site of the ancient olympics the following day.

So we spent the afternoon with more mountain roads and narrow villages before finding another nice wide space beside the road for our camp.