A prompter start this morning as the weather was not so inviting and we had more on our agenda today. First off we crossed back over to the west coast of Peloponnese, past Areopoli again and then north along the coast to the little village of Kardamyli. Nina had read/heard about this place from one of Rick Steve's tapes/books/shows. The people of the village apparently have worked hard to prevent over development. So after a lot more narrow roads and even narrower villages we arrived at Kardamyli.

The place was overrun with school kids, young teens, who seemed to be on some type of excursion. It is always interesting to watch the behaviour of young teens in groups as they parade around being seen and checking out the talent. To think we once behaved like that also.

As advertised the place was cute and touristy without being gauche; certainly worth a visit.

Now our route took us North to Katamata and then back across Peloponnese towards the east coast and tomorrow the town of Nafplio. But thats getting ahead of myself. This afternoon after some frustrating struggles with the streets of Katamata we simply headed back east into the mountains towards Sparti.

More spectacular mountain roads but this time with a twist. About mid way through the afternoons journey we came across a series of rock overhangs that jutted out providing a roof over the fullwidth of the roadway; very spectacular. The problem for us is that the first of these had a sign saying 3.8m, which of course would not mix well with our 4.0m height if the sign was accurate. But as we have now come to expect the sign actually had a bit of built in leeway and we managed to get under the rock without any damage.

After bypassing the downtown section of Sparti the road climbed into some more hills and we managed to find another nice wide pullout under some gum trees for our nights camp.