Today was a glorious day, warm (60°F), sunny and with the bright blue Mediterranean and many picturesque villages to admire. We spent the morning simply enjoying the coastal scenery.

If yesterday was "olive tree day", then today it was gum trees (Eucalytus for our American friends). We have marveled during this trip (as we did in South America) at how Australias native gum trees are so wide spread in the rest of the world and how they seem to grow so much bigger in their adopted homes.

Late morning our route took us away from the coast and up a series of steep climbs on narrow roads, and through some very narrow village streets.

Eventually back at the coast we arrived at the village of Gefyra which is across a very narrow spit of land from the Island and Village of Monemvasia. With some concern about our large vehicle in this small town we found a parking place as soon as possible and then walked over the spit to start our exploration of the island. As it turned out we need not have been so concerned about parking as there were three motorhomes parked in a wide cleared area on the island side of the spit.

We spent a couple of hours exploring Monemvasia village and climbing up onto the summit of the rock tower that occupies most of the island. I will leave it to the photographs to say more about the town.

Notice the balcony in photograph 6.

After our exploration of Monemvasia we moved the truck across the spit to spend the night with the other motorhomes. Nina observed that it was a great camping spot and that we could see water from every window.