We spent yesterday recovering from our overnight ferry ride and doing a bit of "getting underway" preparation so that this morning we could depart our friendly camp ground for the next stage of our Tour of Greece. Navigating was easy as we traveled out of Athens towards Corinth and the Island of Peloponnese.

We had no particular destination for the day, just get onto the Island, get off the motorway, find one of the coastal roads and a nice place to camp for the night. So we spent much of the afternoon on narrow twisting roads, surrounded by some of those 100,000,000 olive trees, admiring the blue waters of the Mediterranean and negotiating the narrow streets of some of the villages we passed through. Those villages gave us a new experience today, look at photo number 3 and observe the balcony on the building on the right - it is right at our eye level. I have never before had to worry about avoiding balconies while driving.

We have seen a number of Unimogs while traveling in Turkey and Greece so today I made an effort to get a photo of some. These two seem to be unused. In the firestation garage there was a nice new all wheel drive Iveco all dolled out with fire fighting equipment.

One of the problems with narrow coastal roads is that there are not many places to pull off to spend the night. So this afternoon we spent some time looking before we found a little parking lot next to a tourist information sign. We had been there a while when a couple of local guys stopped by to chat and ask who and what we were. George, the one that spoke English had lived for 38 years in Durbin, South Africa and was a rugby fan.