This morning we caught a bus and the metro into Athens (actually the Syntagma Square area). Transport proved to be very easy and incredibly cheap. 1.4 Euro allows one to travel on any combination of bus and metro for 1.5 hours. We had three chores on our list.

  • Pick up the ferry tickets for our booking later in January from Patras, Greece to Ancona, Italy

  • Buy ferry tickets to the Island of Santorini, we planned to visit that Island for a few days

  • Get a Greek USB cellular modem so that we would have internet for our time in Greece.

  • We got all of those chores accomplished, though the modem took two attempts. For our second attempt at buying a modem we went to the Vodaphone store in Omonia Square where the guys were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable - they even made sure the thing worked on my computer.

    After the chores we explored around the area and spent some time at Syntagma Square watching the performance of the guards who stand watch outside the parliament building. These guys wear the most amazing uniform; white stockings, pleeted skirts, and with large tassles or pompoms on their shoes. They perform a most elaborate and outlandish marching routine every so often.

    After watching the guards performance we went for a walk down Ermou St, a famous pedestrian mall, with tens of thousands of our fellow tourists before catching the train and bus back to the camping ground.