This morning the sun was out making a perfect morning for our visit to the ruins of ancient Delphi. There were only a handful of other tourists around as we climbed up through the ruins admiring the various buidings and other artifacts. Despite being a tourists mecca, and a bit of a cliche, the place was really quite impressive. Many of the more delicate statues recovered from the ancient site are now housed in the nearby museum and after our visit to the ruins we spent some time there admiring the masterful statuary (both stone and bronze). One could not help but wonder how much of our civilization will be visible in 3000 years.

Once on the road again we were headed for Athens and a camping ground we had read about called Camping Athens, very original. Along the way we stopped at a nice looking supermarket only to be told by the staff that they could not let us in because they were doing their annual stock-take. We later discovered that this was a common practice on Jan 2nd and that this explained why traffic was light as we entered the city in the afternoon.

Camping Athens proved easy enough to find and get to. It was made easier by the fact that we approached it from the North and East. Had we come from the West we would have had to pass it by and make a permitted U-turn at the next intersection.

We had a bit of a challenge with the trees and the height of our truck and only a couple of the camping pitches would accommodate our height and then only after some careful positioning.