This morning we went back into Khovd spent some time on the internet and once again tried the market for vegetables. This time we went armed with Mongolian words for a range of vegetables. Eventually we were shown the way to the right section of the market and it immediately became obvious why we had so much trouble yesterday. Not only was it way out in the back blocks of the market area but also there were only a few stalls selling any type of vegetables, and they had only the most lmited supply. very small totatoes, one or two onions, and some long thin green things that looked a bit like cucumbers. This was proof to us that Mongolians do not eat a lot of vegetables.

Note the picture of the small mosque. While the city of Khovd is part of Mongolia the people of the city (and this region) are mainly ethnic Kazaks and they are of the Muslim religion.

After our time at the market we once again headed out of town on the road west to Olgii which is the western end of the Southern Route across Mongolia. For much of the afternoons drive we were on graded, but rough, road.

At about the 50 km mark the road took a big detour north to a newish bridge across a river called the Churgin Nuur. With a water supply and nice hot sun we decided to make this another washing afternoon. So that's how we spent the middle of the afternoon.

The photo of the sign advertising tires is just to remind me (for future references) what sizes of truck tires are readily available.