Today we simply retraced our steps on the M55 as it traversed the southern shores of Lake Baikal. The weather added to the sense of "having been here before" as the day started with low cloud and rain (same as last time on this section of road). But as the day wore on the sun appeared and we got the benefit of a more spring like day

About 60 km from Ulan Ude there are two M55 Cafe/truck stops about 20 km apart. From our perspective they are distinguised by clean toilets, a washing machine and a banya (a Russian version of a sauna). We stopped at the first of these, washed a load of clothes (which we dried by hanging from nylon cord inside our camper) and had a sauna - a shower would have been nicer but it was an experience.

We camperd at the second of the M55 right near the town of Llinka.