Today was a day of beauty. The Yakutia territory nearly 1/2 the size of Australia has a lot of wealth in its minerals especially gold and diamonds and it was this Maria took Nina to see at the museum today. In a beautifully modern, climate controlled, environment she was able to see some original nuggets of gold, as well as cut and uncut diamonds followed by ornate jewelry from the past and the present. All very beautiful. No photographs allowed and in fact one could only see the display with the help of a guide and the lighting was timed so that if you asked too many questions the lights went off and one had to move on.

Nina learned quickly to look and ask questions at the end of each display. From there Nina went to lunch at a restaurant where the owner is famous for his photography. Egor Makarov the owner personally showed Nina around his display of photos of Yakutia; the harsh winter, the people in traditional clothing and the famous Yakut horses. Nina was excited by the beauty, the detail of the photos and so delighted to hear the story behind each photograph. With an autographed copy of his book in hand she will be able to admire his talent for many years.

Between these two experiences Nina went to the University to talk with Nadia's students who are learning English. It was a fun encounter, "I told them of our travels and they asked questions and told me a little about their life here in Yakutsk", reported Nina.